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The Look of Silence

‘Best of Enemies’ is the choice film at Picturehouses’ Discover Tuesdays on September 1 - we have compiled a list of the best books about the man whose colourful personal life was as fascinating as his impressive back catalogue.

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Cartel Land director Q&A events with Matthew Heineman

August 26th, 2015

Director Matthew Heineman is coming to London to celebrate the UK release and will be partaking in three Q&A screenings on opening week

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Gore Vidal Reading List

August 25th, 2015

Gore Vidal's now infamous debating style; full of wit, charisma and acerbic asides often leads us to forget his first and foremost talent - writing. His career spanned several decades and included over 25 novels, five Broadway plays, numerous essays spanning subjects from literature to politics, television plays, film scripts and a collection of short stories. To celebrate 'Best of Enemies' run at Discover Tuesdays and in honour of such a notable body of work

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Iris is out on DVD - celebrating ‘age is beauty’

August 24th, 2015

The time old phrase “age before beauty” seems to be fading out in favor of “age is beauty.” The standard of youth being synonymous with beauty in fashion is becoming overshadowed by a new trend: women who are advanced in years and style. We celebrate this trend with the release of the IRIS DVD.

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