Dogwoof at TIFF 2019

It’s a bustling time of year in the Dogwoof office as, following on from last week’s LFF announcements, our lineup at Toronto International Film Festival has been published this week! Dogwoof’s films will run at the festival from today, no less, right up until Friday 13 September. The lineup brings back some of our previous announcements, including THE KINGMAKER, THE CAVE, SING ME A SONG and CUNNINGHAM, with the exciting addition of WOMEN MAKE FILM. Boasting Mark Cousins as director, Thandie Newton as a narrator and Tilda Swinton and Clara Glynn as executive producers, this series is an incredible survey of the history of women and film, recounting this too-often-overlooked thread of film history across the span of fourteen hours. The series has already garnered a great deal of buzz and is sure to thrill those lucky enough to get a first look in at TIFF. To learn more about WOMEN MAKE FILM, alongside our other TIFF films, visit the Dogwoof Sales website at - and enjoy festival season!