Love is All soundtrack by Richard Hawley

Upcoming film Love is All features a fantastic soundtrack by Richard Hawley,

Richard Hawley speaks about the film:

"Love is All turned out to be one of the best experiences I've ever had with the world of film, Ollie and Kim were really easy to work with, there were places in the film that needed determination and a real clarity of thought to see it through properly and they didn't shy away from any of the issues which really impressed me, I just helped out with selecting a bit of music to go with the images really I think they did all the work to be honest"

Here are just some of the great songs on the soundtrack in a youtube playlist:

We have also created a playlist on Spotify to warm you up for the fantastic soundtrack featuring just some of Richard Hawley's greatest tracks.

Love is All takes us on a journey through the twentieth century, exploring love and courtship on screen in a century of unprecedented social upheaval. From the very first kisses ever caught on film, through the disruption of war, to the birth of youth culture, gay liberation and free love, we follow courting couples flirting at tea dances, kissing in the back of the movies, shacking up and fighting for the right to love. This is the celluloid story of love and courtship since the birth of the movie camera; told with spellbinding footage from the British Film Institute archive and Yorkshire Film Archive and many more! Love is All is directed by Kim Longinotto, edited by Ollie Huddleston and set to a stunning Richard Hawley soundtrack.