Vaquita update - the world's rarest mammal holds on to survival

In anticipation of the UK release of Sea Of Shadows on 27 September, we wanted to bring you the latest update on the state of the vaquíta and the survival mission taking place in the Sea of Cortéz. Between 19 August and 3 September, 3 pairs of vaquitas were spotted. It is relatively easy to distinguish individual vaquitas due to their unique markings, and so the researchers are confident that there are at least 6 vaquitas remaining.

This is obviously incredible news, and is wonderful to hear so close to the film’s release. Click here to read the source article, and here to go to Sea Shepherd’s Facebook page, where you can watch videos on their ongoing conservation efforts and how they are helping ensure the vaquita survives. Plus, visit the Sea Of Shadows UK website to read more and join the fight to save the vaquita.