Two films at Edinburgh Film Festival

We're bringing two of the year's the must-see films to the home of the Royal Mile. Watch the story behind the birth of Ridley Scott's Alien, Memory: The Origins of Alien, and explore the 50-year long romance between musician Leonard Cohen and his muse Marianne Ihlen, Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love at Edinburgh Film Festival.

Memory: The Origins of Alien

Image courtesy of the O’Bannon Estate

Image courtesy of the O’Bannon Estate

Memory uncovers the largely untold origin story behind Ridley Scott’s cinematic masterpiece, rooted in Greek and Egyptian mythology, underground comics, parasitology, H.P. Lovecraft, the art of Francis Bacon, and the symbiotic genius of Dan O’Bannon and H.R. Giger.


The beautiful love story between Leonard Cohen and his Norwegian muse Marianne Ihlen. The film follows their relationship from the early days on Hydra, a humble time of ‘free love’ and open marriage, to how their love evolved when Leonard became a successful musician.