Bee-loved by critics: reviews are in for Honeyland

The long-awaited HONEYLAND has finally come flying into cinemas - and if you’re not already excited, then you should be. This film has already achieved a stellar round of reviews from publications such as The Guardian and The Financial Times, and we can’t wait to hear reactions from UK audiences after they’ve seen it. Read our selection of testimonials below.

‘a miraculous feat…[an] astonishing, immersive environmental documentary…[Hatidze] is an incredible woman, a natural optimist’

★★★★ - The Guardian

‘spectacular landscapes quaking with wind, susurrant with life or honeyed with afternoon light’

★★★★ - The Financial Times

‘this gorgeously shot and closely observed film plays like a thoughtful indie drama…[there is] intimate storytelling and stunning cinematography’

★★★★- Empire Magazine

'‘an elemental struggle between ancient tradition and greed…an incredible true story’

★★★★ - Time Out

‘an experiential wonder, a cutting critique on capitalism and a genuine must-see’

★★★★ - Rolling Stone

Goodness gracious. If those don’t send you off to the cinema, I don’t know what will. Let us know how you enjoy this wonderful film with #Honeyland - after all, you can never have too many stars.