Three wins at Cinema Eye Honors

We're pleased to represent three award-winning films at this year's Cinema Eye Honors - Jane, Quest and Lots of Kids, a Monkey, and a Castle.

The Cinema Eye Honor Awards recognizes the best of nonfiction films. Find out more about the winners below.

Jane- Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Score + Audience Choice Prize

With access to over 100 hours of never before seen footage set to an enchanting orchestral score by composer Philip Glass, Jane tells the intrepid story of Jane Goodall, a woman who gifted the world with an unrivaled gaze into the lives of the chimpanzees through her fearlessness and determination to push the boundaries in her field and challenge what those before her were too cautious to chase.

Quest- Outstanding Achievement in Editing

From the inspired mind of Jonathan Olshefski comes Quest, a stirring documentary following an African-American family over a span of 10 years as they deter the adversities and hardships to navigate and raise their family in the North Philadelphia neighborhoods they call home.

Lots of Kids, a Monkey, and a Castle- Spotlight Award

Lots of Kids, a Monkey, and a Castle tells the story of the playful and charismatic Julita Salmerón and her family as they navigate the financial crisis in Spain and relinquish their castle and hoard of collectibles, uncovering stories and rich family history along the way.