Our 5 Best Animal Documentaries

To celebrate another month of Jane in cinemas, the intimate documentary telling the life of the woman whose chimpanzee research revolutionised our understanding of the natural world, rediscover our other documentaries digging into our relationship with animals.


This emotionally wrenching, tautly structured story challenges us to consider our relationship to nature and reveals how little we humans have learned from these highly intelligent and enormously sentient fellow mammals.


In this film, the animal-human relationship becomes a metaphor for facing the daily challenges of life. A real-life “horse-whisperer”, Buck Brannaman eschews the violence of his upbringing and teaches people to communicate with their horses through leadership and sensitivity, not punishment.


“Hello, little bonehead. I’ll love you forever.”

Heart of a Dog is a cinematic journey through love, death and language in which multimedia artist Laurie Anderson reflects on her relationship with her beloved terrier Lolabelle, who died in 2011.


Tyke, a circus elephant who went on a rampage in Honolulu in 1994, killed her trainer in front of thousands of spectators and died in a hail of gunfire, is the protagonist of this moving documentary that raises fundamental questions about our deep and mysterious connection to other species.


Unbranded is a soaring tale of danger and resilience, an emotionally charged odyssey that shines a bright light on the complex plight of our country's wild horses.