M.I.A. Quotes from Matangi / Maya / M.I.A.

With the release of MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A. tomorrow, we have noted down some of the powerful quotes that the artist M.I.A. has shared with the world.

“I came to music as a medium but the need to express myself through anything existed before!” – M.I.A.


“I had to deal with the fact that I was something else and I was different and I was an immigrant. One day in Sri Lanka I was getting shot at for being a Tamil. Then I came to England I was getting spat at for being a Paki.” - M.I.A.

“I never regret anything.” M.I.A interview with Highs Nobiety.

“I’m not going to forget what I'm hearing over here, it’s becoming a part of me and it’s becoming a part of my life and I can feel that I've opened a can of worms and I don't really know how to control it and how it's going to manifest inside my head.” M.I.A.

“Being the only Tamil in Western media I have a really great opportunity to bring forward what’s going on in Sri Lanka. The more successful I’m getting, the direr the situation in Sri Lanka is getting." M.I.A. interview with Refinery29

“As humans, we don’t use our past and our history to work out the importance of what our role is in the present. And if you can’t use the past to define your present, then it should not be an element that holds back the future.” M.I.A. interview with Guardian Guide