Leon Vitali on Working for Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick's right-hand man, Leon Vitali, recounts working for the legendary director in these quotes from the upcoming Filmworker out in cinemas and on demand tomorrow. 

"One of my agents actually heard that Stanley Kubrick is doing a new production and he organised an audition for me and it was a film called Barry Lyndon. (...) A phone call came through and my agent told me you’ve got the role in Stanley Kubrick’s picture."

“Hi Leon. I’m Stanley.” And we shook hands. And after tell you something. When you shook hands with Stanley, it was warm and gentle. Just like a buzz went through you."

"He sent me a book, which was called The Shining and there was a little note on the front. He wrote “Read this book. (...) A phone rang and I picked it up and the voice in the other ring says “Did you read it? What do you think?” I said it could be a really exciting project."

leon danny shining.png

"One of Stanley’s manias was you had to write everything down. Write it down. Remember to look what you’ve written down. You could say I spent a half of my time with Stanley writing down things."

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"When I travelled abroad, then I used to have to fill in this visa. They say occupation. I was used to write ‘Film worker’. I mean, I am a film worker. I’m a worker. That’s what I do. So assistant to me is nothing other than I’m assisting somebody to fulfil what it is, they want to get up on a screen."