6 Facts about bad reputation's joan jett

From getting her first guitar for Christmas at age 13 to being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at 57, we select some of our favourite facts about Joan Jett.

Joan Jett made her rock & roll debut with The Runaways

She was only 15 when she started in this band with drummer drummer Sandy West in 1975. Playing lead guitar the band has success with the iconic single “Cherry Bomb” before breaking up in 1978.

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Jett produced The Germs’ first album

After The Runaways broke up Jett left L.A. for a while, but when she returned she found the Germs trying to break into the music scene.

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Her first solo album was rejected by 23 music labels, so she co-founded her own

Joan Jett and co-songwriter and co-producer Kenny Laguna were so frustrated that no label waned to distribute Jett’s solo album they decided the best plan was to create their own label. Blackheart Records was founded in 1980.

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She got her first guitar at age 13

Jett took guitar lessons, but they did not last long when the teacher would discourage her by saying girls don't play rock and roll.

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Jett's former manager threw stuff at her during REHEARSALS

Not everyone was a fan of female rock & roll bands so Jett’s former manager Kim Fowley prepared them for the worst by chucking things at them during rehearsals.

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She was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.

She was actually on stage at the induction ceremony in 2014 when she played with Nirvana and stood in for Kurt Cobain.

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