The Five Best Films On Journalism

The world of journalism has always appeared mysterious and exclusive. In this list, we explore some of the investigative films in our collection that open up this enigmatic world.

City of Ghosts

Director Matthew Heineman (Cartel Land) follows a band of incredibly courageous citizen journalists in the ISIS run city of Raqqa. Tired of watching their city become tainted with violence and extremism, a small group of activists risk their lives to tell the world about the daily horrors occurring in their city. 

Jim: The James Foley Story

When Jim Foley travelled to Syria to report the impact on the civilians in the midst of war, he was kidnapped and held for ransom. Directed by Brian Oakes, a close personal friend of Jim, uncovers the adrenaline and danger fuelled world that Jim challenged in order to expose the horrors of the Islamic State.

Page One: Inside the New York Times

The New York Times, one of the best-known publications in the world, allows filmmaker Andrew Rossi access for an entire year. An intriguing observation on how newspapers and journalists manage to stay relevant in a world that is run by internet news.


Errol Morris documents former beauty queen Joyce McKinney, whose romantic obsessions and surreal lifestyle landed her on the front pages of British tabloid newspapers. Before the 24 hour news cycle could provide us with constant access to celebrities, Joyce McKinney was recognised as the ultimate Femme Fatale.

Mugabe and the White African

Not strictly a film about journalism, but the only documentary feature film to come out of Zimbabwe following a total press ban during recent years where being caught filming would have led to imprisonment. The film tells the story of Michael Campbell, one of the few white farmers still living in Zimbabwe after the violent land seizure programme in 2000. Mike challenged the programme in international court, and showed incredible bravery in the face of brutality.