The Best Scary Documentaries

78/52, the definitive film deconstructing Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic shower scene, arrives in cinemas this Halloween season. Mark the occasion with these spine-chilling docs.


“I was horrified to find that someone people took it seriously.” - Alfred Hitchcock

An iconic scene retold by famous faces and industry experts, Alexandre O. Philippe’s doc returns viewers to one of the most shocking moments in film history, detailing how pure cinematic fear was created.

ROOM 237

Satisfying film nerds and horror fans alike in a similar fashion, Room 237 uncovers the hidden meanings behind Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.


“I was thrown into this world… No sunlight… and it’s deadly silent.”

Continuing our numbers theme, The Fear of 13 reminds us that often the scariest things in life are all-too-human. Nick, a death row inmate, petitions the court to be executed - but things are not quite as they seem.


78/52 director Philippe’s previous film is the definitive zombie culture documentary - certainly something to feast on before seeing his latest work.

The Nightmare

Capturing people in perhaps their most vulnerable state, The Nightmare explores the horrors of sleep paralysis, blending real-life anecdotes with recreated, dark visions.


“All over the globe, rats are showing poison-resistant mutations.”

International infestation and mutation - Morgan Spurlock’s horror doc finds scares and entertainment in the rodent underworld.

78/52 is in UK cinemas and on demand from 3 November.