Love is all around - documentaries on love

Alma Har'el's stunning new film, LoveTrue, opens in UK cinemas tomorrow. The film explores three complimentary stories that seek to demystify the fantasy of true love.

Love is All

In contrast to Harel’s depiction of reality, Longinotto immerses us in the romanticised depiction of love in film throughout the twentieth century. Beautifully crafted and made entirely of archive footage, Love is All takes the most iconic aspects of British cinema and pairs it with a breath-taking score from the phenomenally talented Richard Hawley. Thought-provoking and majestic, the array of creeds and cultures on display reflect a universality of experience rarely touched upon in film today.

The Case Against 8

Uncomfortably real and incredibly poignant, Ben Cotner and Ryan White explore the fight to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage in California. Heartfelt and remarkably inspiring, The Case Against 8 draws you in and perfectly highlights the absurdity of restrictions on love.

All These Sleepless Night

Michal Marczak’s award-winning documentary, following a pair of young art students searching for excitement in a world which glorifies mundanity, the film epitomises “reality” which feels genuinely real. It’s sporadic and unapologetic yet elegantly constructed, reflecting the disorganised chaos synonymous with youth and young love.

Cutie and the boxer

Love is not simply the realm of the young, however, and Zachary Heinzerling’s 2013 documentary Cutie and the Boxer exemplifies the notion that complete opposites often create the strongest bonds, long-term relationships can flourish in a world where many simply stagnate. The film follows the lives of artist Ushio and his wife Noriko struggling financially in New York and the revelations which ultimately bring them closer together.

The Loving Story

In the 21st century, relationships between people of different races are widely accepted. However, it’s easy to forget that only 50 years ago, Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter were fighting for this right. Nancy Buirski, solemnly and subtly reflects on past injustice and highlights an overlooked aspect of the civil rights movement. Told from the perspective of the titular couple, we are personally invited to witness the impact of this event on their largely ordinary lives, making the story both relatable and immersive as a result.

These documentaries illustrate perfectly that love provides a unique and enlightening window into the lives of human beings, pervading relationships between people from vastly differing creeds and cultures to our own. LoveTrue is available on DVD and on demand now. 

Love True