Jane's 10 words of wisdom

To mark the release of Brett Morgen's story on the famed primatologist Jane Goodall, we've picked ten quotes from the woman herself.

1. "I wanted to come as close as talking to animals as I could. To be like Dr Doolittle. I wanted to move among them without fear, like Tarzan."

Jane - Dogwoof Documentary

2. "It was daydreaming about life in the forest with Tarzan that led to my determination to go to Africa, to live with animals and write books about them."


3. "At that time it was held at least by many scientists that only humans had minds, only humans were capable of rational thought. Fortunately, I had not been to university and I did not know these things."

Jane - Dogwoof Documentary

4. "There is no doubt that my observation of the chimpanzees helped me to be a better mother, but I found also that the experience of being myself a mother helped me better understand chimpanzee maternal behaviour."


5. "The role I must play is to make sure that the next generation are better stewards that we’ve been."


6. "I was learning from some of the most fascinating creatures of our times. And the more I learned, the more I realized how like us they were, in so many ways."

Jane - Dogwoof Documentary

7. "What an amazing privilege it was to be utterly accepted by wild free animals."

jane 2.png

8. "We must now redefine man, or accept chimpanzees as human. My observations had challenged human uniqueness, and whenever that happens there is always a violent uproar."

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9. "In the forest death is not hidden. It is all around you all the time. A part of the endless cycle of life."

01-50-29-01_JaneChimp2 (1).png

10. "This highly developed intellect means that we have a responsibility towards the other life forms of our planet whose existence is threaten by the thoughtless behaviour of our own human species."