The Island President: Trouble in Paradise

In documentary The Island President, President Mohamed Nasheed describes the Maldives as ‘a cross between paradise and paradise’. However, ‘paradise’ has long been in troubled waters. 

As one of the most low-lying countries in the world, the literal survival of the Maldives is threatened by rising sea levels. President Mohamed Nasheed has become one of the leading international voices for urgent action on climate change. 

Yesterday, he attended a screening and Q&A at Virgin HQ in London to discuss the situation for the Maldives since the filming of The Island President. Sir Richard Branson joined the conversation via Skype.

Since the filming of The Island President, Mohamed Nasheed was forced to resign from power and was subsequently incarcerated by the dictatorial regime that has regained power in the Maldives. 

He is unable to go home without facing the immediate arrest upon arrival. With the curtailing of democratic freedoms in the Maldives, he sees the prospect for a unified response to climate challenges as several undermined. 

In spite of this, he spoke with great determination about the ongoing need to confront the greatest challenge of our time - climate change.

The President is optimistic that the young Maldivian generation will not continue to endure dictatorial rule. 

He hopes one day to return to the Maldives a free man, with his commitment to salvaging his nation and people intact.

The President thanked the Virgin family for their good work and ongoing commitment to improved climate change policy.

The Island President follows President Mohamed Nasheed’s battle against the despotic 30 year regime, and subsequent battle against climate change. 

We witness his remarkable leadership which culminates in the salvaging of a climate change agreement in Copenhagen. The deal the first time in history that China, India and the United States agreed to reduce carbon emissions.

If you haven't seen the film, check out the trailer below :