The Storyteller in documentaries

Our latest film The Confession is an in depth interview with Moazzam Begg who tells his story candidly to the camera.

Here we select some of the best documentaries that feature a key storyteller, one in depth interview that leads the film. These incredible films show that one voice can keep you on the edge of your seat and thrill you.

The Fear of 13

In David Sington's The Fear of 13 we meet Nick, a death row inmate who requested to be executed. Nick is a natural born storyteller and his tale takes the audience on unexpected twists and turns throughout his over 20 years on death row.

The Fog of War

In The Fog of War we sit down with the former US Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, who was active during the height of the Vietnam war. The film was directed by Errol Morris and took home the Academy Award for best Feature documentary and is  a thrilling ride through McNamara's controversial role in history.

The Unknown Known

Errol Morris' The Unknown Known is another sitdown with another former US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.

Author: The JT LeRoy Story

Laura Albert is able to tell her story her way for the first time in the fascinating Author: The JT LeRoy Story. We get to hear her explain the creation of JT LeRoy and how she was the mastermind behind the most explosive literary scandal of our time.


It's not surprise there are three Errol Morris films on this list, he is the inventor of the Interrotron. This allows him to interview his subject looking directly into the camera as the subject sees only Errol. Tabloid is a rollercoaster ride sit down with Joyce McKinney, former beauty queen accused in the Mormon sex in chains case. Yes, you really should watch this one.

The Confession

Moazzam Begg has experienced a generation of conflict. The Confession captures the entirety of Begg’s story, from his forced confession and testimony as a free man, to his experience as a British Muslim and living the War on Terror.

The Confession is in cinemas tomorrow and there are special Q&A dates across the UK with Moazzam Begg and director Ashish Ghadiali. Several sites have sold out for the Q&A so pre-booking is advised.