Richard Linklater's films through the years

To celebrate the upcoming UK release of the new documentary Richard Linklater - dream is destiny on the 4th of November, we take you through some highlights of his filmography. Dream is Destiny explores Linklater's off-beat and unconventionally human approach to film-making in an unusual and deeply personal account of his journey, incorporating accounts from family, friends and faithful colleagues. 


Slacker, Linklater's second movie, launched him onto the indie scene from the depths of Texas. It encapsulates the Generation X mentality, following strangers and friends alike on the fringes of society in Austin. With no definitive plot, Slacker's cohesiveness comes from Linklater's artful direction and rhythmic exploration of a previously little-known subset of American culture. 

DAzed and COnfused

Linklater's first studio production, Dazed and Confused is a coming-of-age comedy chronicling the last day of high school for a haphazard group of 70s teenagers. Nostalgic, funny and sharp, Linklater's third film offers a startlingly accurate portrayal of suburban teenage boredom and yearning in the time of rock and roll.

The BEfore Trilogy

The three movies Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004) and Before Midnight (2013) follow the characters Jesse and Céline as they meet, lose touch and ultimately begin a relationship through 18 years. Through the trilogy Linklater provides an insightful approach to modern love, from the couple's first, fleeting contact to their lives together almost two decades later. The films are made so appealing by the collaborative nature of their production, which lends a warm and engaging tone to the films.

Waking Life

Linklater's first animated production is an ingenious exploration of the nature of reality, showing a young man wandering through a series of surreal experiences. With an observational approach similar to that of Slacker, Waking Life provides a thought-provoking discussion of pervading philosophical questions.

School of ROck

This is one you might not have known was directed by Linklater! Whilst he did not write the feature he was brought on as director at the insistence of the producer. School of Rock is a light-hearted comedy to which Linklater adds his own vision in elevating the film from the average, mainstream comedic enterprise.


Bernie offers a hilarious glance behind the Texas 'pine curtain' in an engaging film about the murder of a widely-hated, crotchety widow by her universally-loved companion. Based on real events, Bernie shows the importance of character and community in small-town America, and is one of Linklater's most critically-acclaimed films to date.


Groundbreaking in style and execution, Boyhood made waves at awards ceremonies and is Linklater's most lauded production. Following the same actors for 12 years, Boyhood is an intimate exploration of youth and growing up, made personal through the adaptation of the script to suit the development of the actors over the years. Linklater's artful and sensitive direction has cemented Boyhood as one of the most critically acclaimed films of this century.

Richard Linklater - Dream is Destiny comes to cinemas Friday 4th November.