One Man Crew Docs

The groundbreaking documentary The Overnighters is being released in cinemas this Friday. (Screenings) The director Jesse Moss shot the film all by himself and it allowed him to get an unprecendented sense of intimacy with his subjects including Pastor Jay Reinke.

At the occasion of the film's release, we decided to have a look at one man crew docs:

Dark Days (2000): 

Director Mark Singer set off by himself into the Freedom tunnel - a train tunnel beneath New York City where homeless have set roots. This film is extraordinary as it sheds light on a unimaginable phenomenon, another world of some kind.

The Man whose mind exploded (2014):

This IF365 title follows the relationship between director Toby Amies and Drako Oho Zaraharzar. Drako, an eccentric character remembers meeting Salvador Dali and the Stones, but can't remember what he did the day before. As the film progresses, we grow more and more attached to him.

Bombay Beach (2012):

Video artist Alma Har'el's succeeds in making a moving portrait of the inhabitants of California's Salton sea. Among which we find ourselves connected to a bipolar seven years-old, a high school football star and an octogenarian poet-prophet.

Janapar (2012):

Tired of his conventional life, young Tom Allen decide to drop everything and go on a tour around the world without any maps. However, along the way, he falls in love with an Iranian-Armenian girl and is confronted with having to choose between love and adventure.

112 weddings (2014):

For more than 20 years Doug Block has video taped 112 weddings as a side business. Years after the weddings, he set out to discover what those couples have become. Doug explores then the themes of love, engagement and passing time.

Into great silence (2005):

Director Philip Gröning had to wait 16 years to get the approval of the 'Grande chartreuse' monastery to film it's inner life. He spent one year in total immersion with the monks of the monastery. His renunciation to normal life produced one of the most engrossing film ever. 

One man crew docs are unique and rare, so we really suggest giving them a look on DVD or on VOD.