Moazzam Begg reunites with his prison guard

Friday night marked a very special night on The Confession Q&A tour - Moazzam Begg was reunited with his former prison guard from Guantanamo Bay, Albert Melise.

The Q&A took place in Moazzam hometown of Birmingham at the MAC cinema to a sold out audience. Albert was unknowingly sat next to Moazzam's daughter during the film and offered his cap to her when she started crying.

Following the screening the two men took to the stage for a magnificent Q&A hosted by Salma Yaqoob. Many of Moazzam's close friends and family were able to attend the screening in Birmingham. That night Albert stayed with Moazzam in his home and the next day they took a tour of Birmingham.

The night was so special it even became a twitter moment which you can see below: