Heart of a Dog at Tate Modern

Tate Modern hosted a special preview screening of Heart of a Dog on Friday evening followed by a Q&A with Laurie Anderson. The event was completely sold out and Laurie had them all in the palm of her hand during the insightful Q&A session. The Q&A was hosted by Andrea Lissoni, Tate Modern's senior curater of international Art (Film). Have a look at some great images from the event below including a lovely photo of Laurie Anderson ahead of the Q&A.

IMG_3710 (1).JPG

We release Heart of a Dog in UK cinemas on 20 May, however there are two opportunities to attend a special Q&A session with director Laurie Anderson. The events take place on 11 May, first at Picturehouse Central where they host a special dog friendly screening and then at Dochouse which will be hosted by BBC Radio 6 host (and huge Laurie Anderson fan) Lauren Laverne.

London - Curzon Bloomsbury (Dochouse) - Q&A with Laurie Anderson hosted by Lauren Laverne

London - Picturehouse Central - Dog & dog lovers screening + Q&A with Laurie Anderson