Great Political Campaign Documentaries

IndieWire calls our upcoming film Weiner, 'The best documentary about a political campaign ever made'. Its out on July 8 and you definitely need to watch it, but there are many great political campaign documentaries. Looking forward to the release here is a selection of great political campaign documentaries with an incredible level of access.

Primary follows senators John F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey during their 1960 campaign at the Wisconsin primary for the Democratic presidential nomination. The film was created by a documentary powerhouse team: shot by Richard Leacock and Albert Maysles and edited by D. A. Pennebaker. It was considered a breakthrough in documentary, they created intimate settings by use of mobile equipment.

The War Room documents the behind the scenes of the Bill Clinton campaign during the 1992 presidential election. The film is centered on two staff members George Stephanopoulos and James Carville through various stages of the campaign and highly publicized situation. The film was nominated for Best Documentary at the 1994 Academy Awards.

Another Academy Award nominated political doc is the 2005 film Street Fight. The film follows an unknown Cory Booker as he attempts to unseat the longtime Mayor of Newark, Sharpe James. The film exposes many issues facing minority communities in Newark and questions the idea of race as James publicly questions Booker's heritage. A political race can quickly become a street fight.

A Perfect Candidate follows the 1994 US Senate race in Virginia between Republican Oliver North and democrat, Chuck Robb. The film focuses on Oliver North’s campaign stategist, Mark Goodin as a real behind the scenes look at a political campaign. 

Our Brand is Crisis is set during the 2002 Bolivian presidential election and explores the use of American political tactics. Candidate Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada hired an American political consulting firm to help him get elected when he was widely undesired. Lozada ultimately wins the presidential bid and the consequences of political marketing are put under question. George Clooney produced a fiction version of the film in 2015 starring Sandra Bullock, but we prefer the doc.

Rats in the Ranks is an Australian documentary about Larry Hand, as he seeks to continue his time as mayor. The vote is up to the city council, several of the councilmen want to replace Larry Hand. This film lets the audience get right in the middle of the action in this unforgettable campaign.    

Weiner is a thrilling look inside a political comeback-turned-meltdown. Anthony Weiner was a young congressman on the cusp of higher office when a sexting scandal forced a humiliating resignation. Just two years later, he ran for mayor of New York City - watch the trailer:

Weiner comes to UK cinemas on 8 July -