Films to enjoy with a glass of wine

Sour Grapes is coming to cinemas next week Friday, and ahead of release we are hosting two Q&A screenings in London with co-director Jerry Rothwell. Sour Grapes unravels the mystery surrounding a young man who floods the American wine market with fake vintage wines valued in the millions. An entertaining and humorous story that will leave you amazed, we think it is best enjoyed with a glass of red (or white!). In anticipation we have selected other great films that centre on wine and pair well with wine.



London - Curzon Bloomsbury (DocHouse) - Q&A with Jerry Rothwell


London - Picturehouse Central - Q&A with Jerry Rothwell




This 2004 film from Alexander Payne is a hilarious must-see for wine lovers - it follows two men in their forties as they take a trip to wine country in California. They are there to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one but quickly become entangles in romantic flings with girls they meet on their trip. In the film they speak fondly of Pinot Noir and not of Merlot, it was widely reported that after the film's release the sales of Pinot Noir went up and Merlot went down. So perhaps best to enjoy with a glass of Pinot Noir.  



The Master Sommelier examination is one of the highest achievements in the wine world and has one of the lowest pass rates in the world. SOMM follows four candidates attempting to study and pass the extremely difficult test. There was a sequel released in 2016 (Somm 2) and a television show inspired by the film aired on Esquire in 2015 (uncorked).


Withnail and I

This 1987 British black comedy isn't really about wine but they are drinking wine throughout so it was worth an inclusion on our list. Similarly to Sideways it follows to men who go on holiday, only this time to the Lake District to escape their Camden Town flat. There is a drinking game associated with the film whereby you try to keep up with Withnail's drinking throughout the film including around 10 glasses of red wine.


Red Obsession

Expensive wines have become a powerful status symbol in China and demand for bordeoux now greatly exceeds supply. Red Obsession trails the change of the industry to meet this demand with interviews with winemakers, critics and lovers. Narrated by Russel Crowe this is a riveting journey into the changing landscape of luxury wine.



Mondovino is a 2004 documentary that explores the effects of globalisation on the famous wine regions of the world.