Our Unforgettable Documentary Subjects

The Cinema Eye Honors have released their annual list of 'Unforgettables' including subjects from four Dogwoof films! The Unforgettables list was created in 2012 to 'celebrate the year's most exciting collaborations between filmmakers and their subjects', summarising the most noteworthy non-fiction documentary subjects of the past year. Below we outline our documentaries on the list, including Kate Plays Christine, Weiner, Author: The JT Leroy Story and Life, Animated. 

The full unforgettables list can be seen here.

KAte Plays Christine - KAte Lyn Sheil

It's unsurprising that Kate Lyn Sheil's dedication and commitment to her role landed her a spot on this list. This documentary artfully chronicles the journey of Kate as she attempts to unravel the complexity of Christine Chubbuck to play her in an upcoming film. The viewer watches as Sheils becomes more and more involved in her role, and her dive into the life of a troubled woman deepens. 

Kate Plays Christine is out now in UK cinemas and is also available on iTunes.


Life, Animated - Owen Suskind

Owen Suskind earns a place on this list as the remarkable young autistic man who finds speech and understanding again through Disney films. A touching tribute to a resilient and loving family tirelessly trying to reach their son, Life, Animated shows the real-life impact of cinematic art on children and adults alike. This Roger Ross WIlliams documentary has been lauded as 'triumphant', 'deeply moving' and a 'must watch', and is coming to cinemas in the UK this November. 

Laura Albert is fascinating here as the woman who brought life to a completely fabricated persona, writing novels, articles and short stories in the 90s. Described as one of the greatest literary hoaxes known, Laura's broad deception and subsequent unmasking is analysed and explored in this Jeff Feuerzeig production that brings the viewer into a world of masterful trickery in the world's spotlight.


 WEiner - huma abedin and Anthony Weiner

When it came to Weiner, Cinema Eye Honors couldn't pick just one! Both Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner are named as unforgettable - the film follows the couple as Anthony runs for mayor of New York in an attempt to leave his sexting scandal behind him. As more details emerge on his personal life, Huma and Anthony must handle the press, the pressure and each other whilst he vies for the mayoral win. Weiner has been met with widespread critical acclaim, including the win of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for US Documentary.