Dog friendly screening of Heart of a Dog

Picturehouse Central hosted a fantastic screening event of Heart of a Dog where they invited dogs into the cinema to join in on the fun! A total of 50 dogs were greeted with a doggy red carpet, a photobooth and doggy popcorn.

The dogs were then led into the screening room where they had seats marked with grey blankets to snuggle on. Before the film started director Laurie Anderson came on stage to introduce the film and say hello to all the charming guests. 'I know it's silly' she said as she thanked the audience for attending and making this event happen. All eyes were on the screen as the dogwoof logo came up (and we had some giggles at the fitting name!) It was an absolutely brilliant evening, you can find more photos following the trailer below.

Laurie Anderson is guest director of this year's Brighton Festival where she held two concerts for dogs earlier in the week. The film also screened at the festival and Laurie has several more events planned for the festival next week. Heart of a Dog is in UK cinemas from May 20, find screenings on

“Hello, little bonehead. I’ll love you forever.” So begins HEART OF A DOG, Laurie Anderson’s cinematic journey through love, death and language. Cantering on Anderson’s beloved rat terrier Lolabelle, who died in 2011, HEART OF A DOG is a personal essay that weaves together childhood memories, video diaries, philosophical musings on data collection, surveillance culture and the Buddhist conception of the afterlife, and heartfelt tributes to the artists, writers, musicians and thinkers who inspire her.

Find more pictures and reactions from the night below.