Documentary News Round Up

We are always discussing developments in the world of documentary film over on our social media pages, but it can be easy to miss some big news so we have decided to do a weekly round up blog collating the week's biggest documentary industry news...

Kickstarter is now up and running for UK projects, add your film now to go live on October 31st.

New York will be getting a Documentary-only cinema. 

CNN are going to start developing feature docs with Alex Gibney and Andrew Rossi already on board.

PBS have updated their list of the year's top 5 documentaries so far (and we are very pleased to have rights to 2/5 here at Dogwoof).

After Academy voters backlash against the amount of docs they would have to watch, they have been given extra time and asked to give recommendations. Meanwhile 8 films have been announced as contenders for the Documentary Shorts category.

Sheffield Doc Fest have added extra perks to their Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

The AV Club have asked if documentaries need to be 'fair' to both sides of their issue, and debate has raged in the comments section.

That's it for this week, do let us know what you think of this new feature, or if we have missed anything, over on our Facebook/Twitter: