Documentaries that will make you laugh

Weiner is out in cinemas this Friday 8th July, and we are sure you are going to be laughing in the cinema as you watch Anthony Weiner run for mayor of New York. In anticipation of the release we take a look back at other documentaries that made us laugh out loud!



In Religulous Bill Maher goes on an adventure to find answers from very unique religious supporters and followers from around the world. Along his journey he runs into extraordinary people such as a Muslim Musician who preaches hatred towards Jews and a Scientologist whom he mocks during his speech in London. Maher's reflection on his own religion is a real highlight of the film, and he questions whether all theories from the Holy books are telling the truth? This is a must-see for those who want an insight of religion but with a twist.


A delirious meditation on hysteria – both public and personal – from Errol Morris; a filmmaker who continues to break down and blow open the documentary genre with his penetrating portraits of eccentric and profoundly complex characters.  We follow the stranger-than-fiction adventures of Joyce McKinney, a former “beauty queen” whose single-minded devotion to the man of her dreams leads her across the globe and directly onto the front pages of the British tabloid newspapers. Empire quotes it as "Raucous, fast moving and very, very funny" and we agree.

Meet the Patels

Ravi Patel (a 30-year old Indian American) has his traditional Indian parents help him on his quest to find the perfect Indian bride for him. But what they do not know is that he had just broken up with his American girlfriend of 2 years! A brilliantly laid out documentary filmed by his sister Geeta Patel through their journey to India and back. Ravi's only desired request is to meet the 'right' girl, and his parents quickly set out searching through hundreds of 'resumes' of girls across the country with the name Patel. With special guests such as Russell Peters and Nadine Rajabi, this documentary is described as "a real-life My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

Billy Mitchell was the world record holder for the classic arcade game 'Donkey Kong' in the 1980's, until a middle school teacher (Steve Wiebe) challenged Billy to beat his score. The King of Kong is an intense, lively and amusing documentary that will make you grab the edge of your seat.  What is more better than two middle aged men battling it out over the world championship of Donkey Kong? Long considered a classic documentary this is an unique and unforgettable film.

Mistaken for Strangers

Tom, the younger brother of singer Matt Berninger follows 'The National' on their 2010 worldwide tour, capturing funny and unforeseen moments. Tom’s camera captures his journey as he finds himself living in Matt’s shadow and acting out in a way only a little brother can - drinking, complaining, and struggling to balance his ambition with his responsibilities. An amazingly intimate and spirited film, Mistaken For Strangers delves into the joys and struggles of brotherhood with authentic humour.

American Movie

Filmmaker Mark Borchardt experienced the American Dream of creating the greatest Hollywood-style movie in his hometown. But what if you are from a small village in Wisconsin? And the only help you can get is from your mother, your 80 year-old uncle and the local villagers? We see Mark flood through struggles and financial decline through his 2 year journey of filming. Nothing did stop Mark from achieving his dream. American Movie is a hilarious documentary of one man's ambition, rejection and obsession for filmmaking.


Weiner charges through an increasingly baffling political campaign with unflinching clarity, humour, and pathos. The film documents the impending political meltdown of epic proportions. What begins as an unexpected comeback from a disgraced ex-congressman takes a sharp turn once Anthony Weiner is forced to admit to new sexting allegations.

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