Cartel Land - New Acquisition

Dogwoof is pleased to announce the acquisition of international rights for CARTEL LAND, a bold new film directed by Matthew Heinemann. We are excited to announce this as our newest film after a series of rave reviews and awards from Sundance 2015. CARTEL LAND was awarded Directing Award for U.S. Documentary and Cinematography Special Jury Award for U.S. Documentary. Dogwoof will manage all international sales across all platforms, as well as a UK cinema release later in 2015. 

β€œThis is no doubt one of the most chilling films shot about the drug wars. What attracted Dogwoof to it is how it immerses the audience into the very heart of the cartels. Matt's access is unprecedented, as well as the fascinating characters in the story and the incredible twists and turns.” Anna Godas, Dogwoof

"A vibrant, electrifying work" - IndieWire

"Remarkable", "daring" - Huffington Post

"Matthew Heineman break[s] the mold" - Screen International

 CARTEL LAND is the incredible true story of two very different vigilante groups that have formed to combat the ruthless Mexican drug cartels. Director Matthew Heineman (Escape Fire, Our Time) profiles one group from each side of the American-Mexican border; in America the Arizona Border Recon patrol a 52-mile desert stretch to halt the drug wars from bleeding across the border, whilst in Mexico the Autodefensas are a group of citizens who are standing up to the notorious and murderous Knights Templar cartel.

Director Matthew Heineman embedded himself with both groups, becoming familiar with the complex protagonists, the resulting footage he puts together is shocking and breathtaking. CARTEL LAND is a chilling meditation on the breakdown of order and the blurred line between good and evil.

CARTEL LAND is produced by The Documentary Group and Our Time Projects for A&E IndieFilms (The Imposter, The Tillman Story, The September Issue).  It is produced by Tom Yellin and executive produced by Molly Thompson, Bob DeBitetto and David McKillop for A&E IndieFilms.