The Look of Silence and Democrats nominated for European Film Awards Documentary Selection

The European Film Awards announced their documentary selection this morning and it includes The Look of Silence and Democrats. Democrats is now avaialble to watch on iTunes and The Look of Silence is coming to DVD, BluRay and iTunes on 12 October. For a full list of nominees visit the EFA website here.


Two political enemies are forced on a joint mission to write Zimbabwe's new constitution. It is the ultimate test that will either take the country a decisive step closer to democracy and away from President Robert Mugabe's dictatorship - or toward renewed repression.


The Look of Silence

Through Joshua Oppenheimer’s work filming perpetrators of the Indonesian genocide, a family of survivors discovers how their son was murdered and the identity of the men who killed him. The youngest brother is determined to break the spell of silence and fear under which the survivors live, and so confronts the men responsible for his brother’s murder – something unimaginable in a country where killers remain in power.