Raf Simons leaving Dior

It was announced yesterday that designer Raf Simons will be leaving Dior. Raf started at the fashion house in 2012, whilst a slightly unexpected choice Raf quickly received acclaim for his work at the brand. Raf's exit comes as a surprise to many, we wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Dogwoof film Dior and I chronicled his first season at the atelier and pays tribute to Raf Simons as an incredible designer.

Dior and I director Frederic Tcheng responded with a touching tweet:

Raf chooses not to renew his contract at Dior. I've always been impressed by his determination to follow his heart.

— Fred Tcheng (@frederictcheng) October 22, 2015

You can read more about the decision and Dior's statement in Dazed.