Harry Styles says don't go to SeaWorld

Harry Styles tells One Direction fans: 'Don't Go to SeaWorld'

One Direction is currently on tour in the USA, at a recent show in San Diego singer Harry Styles told fans 'Don't go to SeaWorld.' Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams captured the moment on camera and shared it on Instagram:

SeaWorld responded on twitter, but the message was heard loud and clear by One Direction fans worldwide.

.@Harry_Styles, if you want to see what SeaWorld is really about, we’re happy to show you and answer your questions. http://t.co/Jc0rYxZe2n

β€” SeaWorld (@SeaWorld) July 10, 2015

PETA claims that SeaWorld sent in a spy acting as an animal rights activist

There was shocking news earlier this week that a SeaWorld employee had infiltrated animal rights groups and posed as an animal rights activist. Earlier this week PETA accused activist Thomas Jones of being Paul T. McComb, a SeaWorld employee.

You can decide for yourself, below left is a photo of Thomas Jones boycotting SeaWorld and right is a photo of SeaWorld employee Paul T. McComb.

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Company shares of SeaWorld Entertainment drop 5.1% in one week

Since the release of Blackfish, there has been a huge drop in attendance and stock prices of SeaWorld. At the end of last month, SeaWorld shares dropped a staggering 5.1% in one week.

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