Two Dogwoof films win awards at Sheffield Doc/Fest

Dogwoof had a very busy year at Sheffield Doc/Fest this year with 9 films playing at the festival. We are very happy to announce that two Dogwoof films won awards and want to congratulate the filmmakers!

Cartel land - The Tim Hetherington award

The Tim Hetherington Award, presented to the winner by Tim Hetherington’s mother Judith Hetherington, was announced at the UK premiere of Cartel Land at Sheffield Doc/Fest on June 6th, to its director Matthew Heineman. The award celebrates the life and legacy of photojournalist and humanitarian Tim Hetherington, whose objectives as a filmmaker were to highlight the plight of people so often ignored by the world and mainstream media.

31/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets - Youth Jury Winner

At Wednesday's ceremony the rest of the awards were announced, and we are happy to congratulate director Marc Silver for winning the Youth Jury Award. Maia Kelly presented the award and presented the film with the following speech:

Out of a very strong and diverse category we agreed there was a clear winner, the film we chose tackled themes of race, youth, and injustice, with real power, depth and emotional resonances. It is a film that is not only politically significant, but valuable as a work of cinematic art. It examined one of the key issues of current affairs: how structural inequality is intuitionally enshrined in global society. By transcending news journalism, the film allowed us to empathise and connect with those framed as minority groups. The film is not only profound in its exploration of court proceedings and legal battles, but also in its use of cinematography and aesthetics. Of course, the film we are talking about is 31/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets. The youth jury would like to congratulate Marc Silver.