'What You Need'... is our Mystify Michael Hutchence Preview + Q&A Event round-up

Yesterday evening Mystify Michael Hutchence played in cinemas nationwide to a flurry of positive response and heightened emotion (more than a few tears were shed for Michael!). Not only were fans of documentary and INXS alike able to see an exclusive preview of the film, but they also watched the accompanying filmed Q&A between Richard Lowenstein (Director), Dylan Jones (Editor of GQ) and Chris Thomas (Music Producer).

The film dives deep into the tumultuous life of bona fide Rock God Michael Hutchence. Throughout the Dogwoof Mystify campaign, INXS fans have turned out in their droves to support the memory of Michael. A great critical reaction to the film, unusual in it’s proximity to the subject (Richard Lowenstein was a long-time friend and music video director of Michael’s), means that previews were a great success!

Read our selection of testimonials here:

Total Film - ★★★★ - "Affectionate, intimate and immersive"

GQ - "one of the most genuinely enlightening rock documentaries I've ever seen" - Dylan Jones, Editor-In-Chief, GQ"

BBC Radio 2 - ★★★★ - "A stirring tribute to a musical icon" - James King

Empire - ★★★★ - “a bittersweet, melancholy, often dreamlike eulogy" - Liz Beardsworth

Also, there were some lovely and heartwarming online reactions to the film from viewers last night - here is just a little collection of them:

So don’t miss your chance to see what the hype is about, and see Mystify Michael Hutchence when it goes on general release on Friday 18 October!

The Cave UK Premiere - LFF 2019

This Monday saw the UK Premiere of The Cave at LFF and there was a full house and, dare we say, probably not a dry eye in it. After the screening, the film has garnered extremely positive feedback, and people have been moved - to anger, to sadness, to action. 

The Cave, from director Feras Fayyad (Last Men in Aleppo), is an unflinching social indictment and sensitive character study, set in a Syrian subterranean hospital nicknamed ‘The Cave’. The necessary watch follows a dedicated team of female doctors who tirelessly treat casualties from airstrikes above, while battling systemic sexism.

In attendance from the team at the Q&A were (L-R): Denniz Gol Bertelsen (Editor), Per K. Kirkegaard (Editor), Sigrid Dyekjæ (Producer), Alisar Hasan (Writer) and her daughter, Kirstine Barfod (Producer) and Peter Albrechtsen (Composer)


Below, you can read some reactions to The Cave and see pictures and quotes from the Q&A itself: