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This film was released in the UK in May 2014. Any occasional screenings will still be posted here, but your best bet at this point is one of the following:

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The Punk Singer


RT @TeenDeathPunx: Finally watched The Punk Singer, it was fucking great. @kathleenhanna is inspiring in so many ways. 1443454829 · reply · retweet · favorite

RT @Dogwoof: First Bikini Kill demo, 'Revolution Girl Style Now!' is being reissued. Kathleen Hanna features in The Punk Singer pic.twitter.com/0JMvcBFfWC 1441720022 · reply · retweet · favorite

Bikini Kill to Reissue 'Revolution Girl Style Now' Demo - via @rollingstone dogwoof.org/1Uyz8T9 1439207815 · reply · retweet · favorite

RT @timothycgoodwin: I don't usually tell you what to do, but I order you to go watch The Punk Singer, a doc about Kathleen Hanna. Do it. Tonight. Now. 1437650836 · reply · retweet · favorite

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